Fit Process

Fit Process

1.) A Foot Analysis

We visually inspect your feet and, if available, try to gain some insight by assessing the wear pattern from an older pair of your shoes, if provided. Because feet vary from person to person, and because no two feet are exactly alike even on the same person, we obtain measurements of each foot (length and width), examine foot shape, volume, and arch type, and try to determine the distribution of pressure on your feet.

2.) A Video Gait Analysis

Depending on your comfort level on a treadmill, we can record your running gait or walking style to review, in slow motion, how your body moves. Do your feet roll outward? Or inward? Or do they not roll at all? This video gait analysis helps in the fitting process by offering clear-cut evidence of the motion of your feet as you glide or trudge through each step. And this evidence helps determine what type of support and/or cushioning you may need, based on the rolling motion of your feet. We then offer you a clear and simple explanation of our findings.

3.) Find YOUR Fit

Based on your foot and video gait analysis, we then provide various models of shoes for you to experience. Try them on and compare them with the others, in search of the most natural, comfortable fit. You can test them in the store or take them for a jog down the block. At this point, you can provide us feedback as to what feels great – or not so great, to help discover the shoe that chooses you.
Fit Process

Our process includes  Foot Analysis, Video Gait Analysis, and Find YOUR Fit.

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