Samuel Ruano

Samuel Ruano

When did you start and how did you come to work at such a fine establishment?
Started June 2021, always had an interest of running/staying in shape in between career jobs.

What current sock, shoe, and insole setup keeps your little piggies happy?
Favorite gear- socks are Balegas/TRS Midweight, Hoka Arahi, Superfeet Adapt. 

Where are you from?
I'm from Manassas, VA, heritage is from El Salvador (Salvadoran).

Give us just one of your many favorite TRS customer experiences.
Favorite TRS customer experience was when I was able to get hoka bondi's for a customer that couldn't find her shoe size, we both now keep each other updated on our marathon training since we're both on similar schedules to complete our first marathon!

What do you do when you're not living the TRS dream?
When I'm not working at TRS, I love to hike, train for half/full marathons, and focus on my career on wildlife conservation (former national park ranger).