Alisa Harvey - GM

Lisa Harvey

When did you start and how did you come to work at such a fine establishment?
I started working at The Running Store when the doors first opened in 2007.  I met the original owner, Rob Dulin, at a 5k road race.  He asked me about becoming an associate.  I’ve worked here consistently with brief breaks here and there.

What current sock, shoe, and insole setup keeps your little piggies happy?
I wear Features Plantar Fasciitis socks with my Altra Timp’s, Hoka Carbon X’s, or Altra Torin’s most of the time.  I have about a dozen other shoes that I rotate in the mix depending on the workout or competition.
I always wear an arch support no matter what run or walk I am performing.  Currently, the Kneed 3/4 length insoles go in my daily and training run shoes.  I also use the Aetrex Speed insoles and Superfeet Blue in my track and racing shoes. 

Where are you from?
I was born and raised in Northern Virginia.  I graduated from Thomas Jefferson H.S. in Alexandria.

Give us just one of your many favorite TRS customer experiences.
My favorite Running Store customer store happened just after the store’s opening.  One afternoon a gentleman walked in asking to be fitted for shoes.  He briefed me on his fitness needs and background.  I began the fitting process on him.  He started peppering me with loads of questions.  I shot back the answers as thoughtfully as I could.  Then all of a sudden he stood up and announced that he was a local podiatrist and he just wanted to make sure that the employees at the Store knew how to fit people properly for shoes.  Since then the good doctor has sent hundred of his patients to The Running Store.

What do you do when you're not living the TRS dream? 
On my free time I maintain my competitive running fitness with road, trail and track training and racing.  My hobbies are gardening, crocheting, and building dollhouses.