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Donation Request

Due to the frequency and volume of requests that we receive, we are unable to fulfill each and every one of them. To adhere to an annual charitable-giving budget, while recognizing the need for a mutually supportive environment, the following guidelines must be met in order to be considered.

·      Requests for donations MUST be received 30 days prior to any event.
·      Requests MUST fall within the scope of Health & Wellness. 
·      Donation requests MUST be submitted through the electronic form below.
·      Please allow 10 business days for consideration/approval.
·      Approved requests will be conveyed via the email address provided on the form.
·      No response from us within 10 business days means the request has been denied. 
·      Please do not call or visit the store to check the status of your request. 


Donation Request Form

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Donation Request

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