Tees for A Cause

Because it’s not just a t-shirt.

It’s not even ‘just’ a one-of-a-kind TRS Tee…in awesome colors with a clever message and a classy logo.

It’s not just about looking great, even though you will look fabulous. And smart.

It’s more. So much more.

It’s an opportunity to seize. A commitment to demonstrate. A worthwhile investment.

The Running Store is indebted to the wonderful community that supports us. In the spirit of gratitude, coupled with our desire to:

  • seize the opportunity
  • to demonstrate a commitment
  • to reinvest in worthy charitable organizations

We’ve launched “Tees for A Cause.” And we hope you’ll consider joining the effort.

Each Tee launched will feature a charitable organization, and part of the proceeds will be donated to that cause.

You’re not simply making a purchase – you’re making a difference. Join our efforts, make a purchase, and support your cause!